Thursday, August 6, 2009

Version 2.45 under development

Now that the 2.41 release is just about done review by Apple, I've got the next one under development. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming:

1. Left-right navigation arrows removed. Instead, left and right swipe movements now work in full-screen mode or while the toolbars are visible. Is just more natural and leaves room for other buttons on the bottom bar.

2. Some screen animations have been eliminated in favor of instant transitions to new content.

3. More information is displayed while video is loading.

4. Keyword screen now allows you to assign certain keywords to the cameras so that they can be found in searches. This screen appears over the live video and is partially translucent so you can watch the video in the background while you assign keywords to the camera.

5. Bugs fixed with some screens allowing rotation to portrait mode. This seems to be a new behaviour in OS 3.0 that I didn't catch before. Code had to be modified to prevent some screens from rotating automatically.

6. Some cameras added to the database, others fine-tuned for name or keywords.

More to come!