About Us

We are a family business that provides high-quality feature-rich mobile applications at a very low cost. Our customers are treated with the utmost respect and we work hard every day to improve their experiences with us and our product offerings.

Barry Egerter is a professional software engineer by trade with over 25 years of experience. He started in 1985 with his own company called Egerter Software. Together with his brother he produced graphics engines for game development companies and the scientific community. After graduating from university Barry went on to work as a full time programmer, analyst, and senior software engineer at many firms including 3M, Emco, Kelloggs, Comcast and more. He left Egerter Software in 2001 to focus on his full-time position.

iPhone development started as a hobby but after reaching the #6 paid app rank in the United States in June of 2009 he decided to quit his full-time position at Comcast. After spending the next 6 months improving the app it again rose to the top of the charts and was the #1 paid app in the US and Japan in December 2009 and January 2010. Angry Birds took over the top spot shortly after and remained there most of the year.

Barry now works full-time on mobile applications in his home office. His wife Lorrie was a full time technical support specialist by trade before joining him in the formation of Eggman Technologies Inc.
She now handles technical support and finances and shares responsibilities with marketing and sales.

Live Cams Pro was released in April of 2011 to provide a highly advanced version of our original products. It has enjoyed great success early on and has already been the #1 or #2 app in iTunes for Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Canada. It has been installed by over 1.2 million users in the first 8 months.

With 2+ million customers to support, Barry and his wife Lorrie now dedicate much of their time to answering emails and helping to resolve issues with the use of the app.  They look forward to hearing from you via the support address: