Monday, August 10, 2009

2.41 Release Rejected by Apple!

After waiting nearly 2 weeks for a result from Apple they have responded indicating that my app was rejected. Why? Because the name contains "keywords". This has been the case for the past 6 months but Apple recently changed their policy (AFTER my latest submission). I have updated the name to just "Live Cams" instead of "Live Cams SALE 50% OFF" and once again I am waiting for them to "review".

I'm sorely disappointed with this process as they changed their policy while my submission was locked in and I was unable to make changes through iTunes Connect (the website where developers like myself manage their content). I even sent an email a week ago asking them to change my app name for me since I had noticed the policy changes through an online article. They never responded to my request and then a week later rejected my app!

My customers deserve better, and I can't control this part of my business. Apple, you need to smooth this out and provide a better mechanism for developers to interface with your sales and app review departments!