Thursday, July 30, 2009

2.41 Release Submitted for Review

I have released 2.41 to Apple (for review, it usually takes them a week) and the following enhancements are included:

2500+ public cameras included.
Cameras are no longer downloaded from a website, faster startup.
Automatically loads your private camera list if present.
If only one private camera exists, it will be viewed by default.

Search feature added, allows custom searches to be saved.

Favorites - mark cameras as your favorites and they will be at the front of any search results.

Snapshots to photo album.

Preliminary support for google maps for a few cameras.

PTZ and presets for Axis cameras with relative positioning
PTZ for TrendNet 410
PTZ and presets for Panasonic
PTZ for webcamXP
PTZ and presets for Vivotek