Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Live Cams 4.6 and Live Cams HD 1.6 submitted to Apple

We have released another minor update to Apple while we undergo some major engine updates (to be labelled as a 5.0 release and 2.0 HD release). Here are the details.....

New overall features:
- Corrected pinch-zoom issues with JPEG camera profile (the video frame was shifting after a new frame arrived)
- Fixed crashes related to the use of Canon cameras and PTZ slider controls

New camera profiles:
- Hawking HNC290G
- Sanyo VDC-DP9584N with PTZ and presets

New camera-specific features:
- Corrected zoom in/out increments for Axis 241S and 240Q servers using RS-485 port for PTZ control
- Fixed PTZ and presets for Trendnet IP400 and IP600 models, as well as their Airlink equivalents
- Corrected the aspect ratio display issues for the Dedicated Micros camera profile
- Added auto pan/tilt features for DLink camera profiles that were previously missing this
- Added PTZ and preset support for Compro IP530 and IP540