Sunday, November 29, 2009

Live Cams heading for top 100! 3.03 Coming Soon!

Some interesting details about the 3.03 release that is pending:

1) Toshiba presets with spaces in the names weren't working properly, this is now fixed!
2) Return of fullscreen video! The side and bottom bars will now slide in and out of view by a single tap on the video screen.
3) You will have the option to skip updates from central server. Just go into settings and turn this off to speed up the initial load of the application on Wifi. If you don't use public cameras then this is a handy feature!
4) Addition of Eminent EM4482 PTZ controls.
5) New camera profile for Industrial Video & Control devices. Live Cams now supports video and PTZ for IVC Relay Server devices.
See for details
6) Crashes when leaving help screens have been eliminated. Test devices have not crashed at all in the past week.

Live Cams is headed once again for the top 100 in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. We are also gaining ground in France, Germany and Italy as well as some of the other major iPhone/iPod markets. Thanks again for your patience and support!