Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Live Cams Pro 1.5 nearing completion

Live Cams Pro v1.5 is currently under final development stages and entering the test cycle. Among the various bugfixes and improvements are:

  • TWO-WAY audio for Axis, Foscam, INSTAR, HOOTOO, and select Trendnet, Wansview, Dericam models. More models to come soon!
  • One-way audio added for 
    • Cisco/Linksys devices like WVC200 and WVC210, PVC2300
    • Sanyo (VCC-HD2500 tested, supports G.711 ULaw, ALaw and Linear PCM formats)
    • Level One (WCS-0040/FCS-0040/FCS-3051/FCS-3031/WCS-0020/WCS-0010/FCS-0010)
    • ACTi devices (tested on ACM models, should also support TCM devices)
  • Baby monitor features such as push notifications when audio exceeds a predetermined level! You can set the app to fire an alert and an optional sound. The app must be running in the foreground or background with audio for this feature to work properly. If you are listening for baby cries or your pets you can simply launch the camera video, start the audio and then close the app. 
  • New settings available! Under "General" there will be an option to have low-res camera images stretch to fill the screen (the current behaviour) or to appear smaller and in their native resolution. This will allow low-res cameras appear clearly on iPad screens and it will still allow you to stretch them digitally by using a two-finger pinch gesture. Many of the public cameras are low-res and this new option allows them to look very sharp on iPad displays.
  • On the main app screen you can now toggle the toolbar on or off by tapping a button. Some security teams are projecting the app display onto an HDTV and do not wish to see the toolbar while monitoring video. The thumbnails/map/list content will resize to fill the extra space if the toolbar is hidden.
  • Motion detection for FOSCAM compatible devices! When the app is running in the background and playing audio you can also receive local push notifications for motion events. An alert will display on your device which notifies you of the event and then allows you to launch back into the app to view the live video.
  • The app now allows for 20 seconds of video/audio for unlicensed private camera users. This gives enough time to evaluate the basic features but prevents people from using the app without paying for the private camera license. After 20 seconds the audio will stop but the video will continue behind a translucent message. You should be able to continue playing with PTZ and advanced camera features to further evaluate the product.
  • New camera profiles added for some Chinese devices without a logo or brand name.
  • Axis cameras now properly handle multi-camera PTZ (on 241Q models for example)
  • Additional bugfixes and UI enhancements.
We are continuing our efforts to port the Live Cams products to Android and hope to have a release before the end of the year. If time runs out we will put out an initial version with a limited set of features and gradually introduce the remaining ones as time allows. Our port is targeted at Android 2.2 and will also be designed for tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

In other news we have also released a Nokia Symbian version of Live Cams for Symbian^3 and S60 5th Edition devices (like the N8-00, E7-00, 5800 XpressMusic, X7-00 and C7-00). This version of the product is public cameras only (no private camera support) and is available in the Ovi store. We will be updating the product to improve the UI in the next few months and we will continue to expand the offering from its initial release.