Friday, May 6, 2011

Live Cams Pro now available!

You've probably noticed a slowdown in the updates for Live Cams in 2011. This was due to our intense efforts to produce an entirely new product - Live Cams Pro!

What's new with this app? Why should you get it? Here's the scoop:
  1. It's a FREE download. You no longer have to purchase the app to see what it can do. If you try it out and like what you see, in-app purchases are available to unlock the license for public or private camera features. Any purchase will also remove the advertising banner from the main screen.
  2. It's a UNIVERSAL BINARY. In simple terms, this means a single version of the program can be installed on all of your iPhone/iPod/iPad devices. If you've purchased a license and then install the app on another device that you own, simply go to the settings screen and tell the app to "Restore Purchases".
  3. AUDIO SUPPORT (private cameras only) for many models of Axis, TRENDnet and DLink cameras. We are expanding this offering and as we add support for additional brands and models you will receive free updates.
  4. MAP and LIST view modes! If you want to save bandwidth on 3G connections you can switch away from the thumbnail viewing mode and change to a simple text-based list to select cameras from. If you are viewing public cameras and want to select them from a map, that's also supported!
  5. GPS features! One of the new built-in camera lists is called "Nearby" and it will find the nearest 100 cameras to your current location. Keep in mind that there are roughly 5000 cameras in the app but they won't necessarily be in your neighborhood or even your city. We will continue to add more content as time goes on.
  6. Advanced camera settings. If you enter your own private camera information and it uses one of the camera profiles that support these features, a new menu option will be available that lets you adjust camera properties like contrast, brightness, motion detection on/off, night mode, etc. See this feature matrix to determine what the current features are for each profile.
  7. Push notifications. The app supports push notifications so that we can transmit messages to individual devices. Currently this feature is unused but in the future we intend to add additional capabilities to take advantage of it!
  8. URL launching. Other applications can launch Live Cams Pro by opening URLs with the "livecamspro://" prefix. This could be used by more complex configurations to automatically launch the app (perhaps when your camera's motion sensor is triggered). We'll talk more about this in a future release :)
  9. Full orientation support. All device orientations are handled for every single screen in the application. This means you are free to choose if you hold your device on the side or in portrait mode.
  10. Optional thumbnail titles. Swipe up or down on thumbnails to toggle the visibility of the thumbnail titles. On iPhones and iPods this is vital so that you can see the entire thumbnail and not have it obscured by text.
This application is primarily geared to new users and private camera owners who wish to take advantage of the extra features. The public camera list is identical to that of the Live Cams and Live Cams HD applications. It is your choice to purchase the public license again for this application or to continue using the older product line. The application was built and released as a free download so that we can increase visibility in the competitive app store marketplace. 

Here's the link to the app in the US app store: