Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crash resolved in Live Cams Pro for French Language Users

Shortly after the release of Live Cams Pro a critical bug was discovered for users who have set their devices to French language. Pressing the "Settings" button on the main screen crashed the app because the iOS was looking for a file that did not exist. We have fixed this issue and are attempting to get a patch out to Apple for approval asap.

The workaround for the meantime is to set your device to English and the crashes will not occur. We apologize for the inconvenience and should have caught this during our pre-release testing.

While we understand the frustration those users are encountering we would appreciate feedback via support rather than the current approach of sending 1-star reviews claiming that we are thieves and that the app is a scam. This is very deceiving for people who are reading the reviews and it damages the reputation of the business unnecessarily. A crash is a bug, not an attempt to steal from our customers.