Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apple has finally reviewed and approved Live Cams 4.21 !

The long-awaited patch for Live Cams 4.2 is now approved by Apple and should be available for download on the App Store soon (their systems take a few hours to fully update when changes are made).
We have waited 3 days for them to get this done but we can finally move past the issues and continue with development.

The vast majority of our customers have been understanding and we appreciate this. We have received hundreds of critical reviews (all stating the obvious, the app was broken for older firmware) but we understand that people would not be so upset about it unless it was a product that they truly care about and enjoy. This is the type of product that we strive to produce and this recent glitch will certainly remind us of our responsibilities.

Some OS 3.x devices exhibit graphics artifacts when the app is launched. Simply rotate your device to landscape mode to restore the proper display. We have fixed this (as well as eliminated several memory leaks) in the next release numbered 4.30
We are submitting 4.30 to Apple for review on July 28th after extensive platform testing on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices. We want to ensure that all firmware versions and platform combinations work properly once again before we move on with feature enhancement requests.