Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Live Cams 4.0 is now live in the App Store

As always, take a little time to familiarize yourselves with the new interface. Some of the toolbars and icons have been modified to provide a consistent look and feel with the iPad release (which is still under review by Apple). Also, orientation changes are supported for portrait modes so much of the UI was changed to make it fit properly when in this mode.

A quick overview of the interface changes from 3.7:

  • The thumbnail screen is mostly identical but the built-in searches are now split off from the customized search menu. For the past 8 months a lot of users could not find the custom search feature and thought the app was lacking this ability. It's now labelled "search" and the canned searches are listed under "Select Cams".
  • The settings screen is now available under portrait mode only. You will need to rotate from landscape mode to see the options while viewing this screen.
  • The help screens have been improved and now feature a "back" button. If you navigate forward into a webpage the back button will become enabled.
  • After tapping a camera to view the video screen, you'll find that I have removed the icons from the right side of the screen. Again, these were changed due to the need for consistency between the iPad release and the iPhone release as well as the ability to rotate to portrait mode.
  • Adding or removing a camera from your favorites now requires an extra tap. You need to choose "Options" first and then your desired action. This is in preparation for an expanded options menu where new features will be added soon.
  • Snapshots are now taken from a button at the bottom rather than at the side. The video is partially obstructed due to the toolbars but this was necessary to remove screen clutter in certain modes.
  • Some cameras have the ability to view their associated websites (try Boyne Mountain, or AtomicMods). Under options you'll see a button for this if there is a website available to view.
  • For cameras that use buttons for PTZ control you will find that they can be moved. Touch the empty space in the blue window that appears and drag the window around.
And unfortunately, with any new update there are always a few people who get corrupted databases during the install process. If no cameras will load after applying the update then you should uninstall the app (from iTunes), sync with iTunes to ensure that it is also removed from the iPhone/iPod and then download again from the App Store. This is the required process to cleanly remove the app and any associated data.

Contact support if you have any issues, thanks!