Thursday, June 10, 2010

EvoCam issues resolved in Live Cams 4.0 and Live Cams HD

Previous releases of Live Cams have had issues with pulling video from secured EvoCam servers. This issue has been resolved in the latest releases of Live Cams and you will now be able to pull video safely with a username and password assigned to the camera.

EvoCam is a Mac-based security product which can connect to webcams and IP cameras. It can rebroadcast the incoming video in MJPEG format which makes the video stream compatible with Live Cams. To enable this feature you should select your camera in EvoCam, go to the "Server" tab and configure the "Built-in Web Server". Enable it and use the advanced options to set a password if you want to secure the connection.

If Live Cams does not directly support your camera model you can use a PC or Mac-based product such as this to do so. You can then point Live Cams at the software to pull video instead of going directly at the camera itself.

Visit for more information and downloads of the product.