Friday, October 2, 2009

2.6 Release is now available in the App Store!

This release offers many new enhancements including:

* A sliding thumbnail screen during swipe actions
* User preferences (like auto load of private, public or favorite cameras on startup)
* Reduced memory footprint and eliminated crashes
* Better thumbnail loading mechanism, cameras are more likely to complete their image downloads now
* More responsive user interface on all platforms
* Some new cameras (Mobotix megapixel cameras like the Brooklyn Bridge , search for attractions for an example of this)
* Fixed up many of the beach cameras after the owners had changed their IPs
* Panasonic preset bug in 2.5 release is now fixed
* Preset button added to the PTZ screens, the "info" button has been eliminated in favor of this
* Preset button will now appear once all of the presets are loaded
* Cleaned up the UI for the "Add Camera" selection screen. Models are grouped by IP cameras and Webcams
* Category searches added
* More default searches included!
* Category maintenance screen has more info in the titles

**Please note**
This version of the app will attempt to clean up the database on the first and second loads. On slow devices this can take almost a minute to complete. Please be patient and let the app finish the work. After the process is completed the app will load faster on subsequent attempts.